Guide me what to do

Can someone tell me what all companies I will be eligible for and the package I can get with my pH score?
Also how long should I wait for getting calls or should I write the test again?
Problem Solving-85.60%
Total Marks-191.30

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What else do you need,you have an outstanding score.
Coming to package each and every company will call you based on your score and their requirements but getting selected there is totally different and not based on your score.
You must be really good in your technical concepts for getting selected.

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Thanks Naman for your reply.

No Problem

Did u get any calls from the companies?

Bro i have been rejected by almost 12 companies from september.
So believe me its not that easy.Just keep learning and trying.
A guy who was rejected 22 times once said to me that we just have to be selected once,rest all times we would be rejected.
Makes sense and keeps me motivated.


Rejected during the interviews or you didn’t get shortlisted for the companies?

Rejected during interview process.
got shortlosted first of course.
you will too chill.

Oh okayyy…
Can you tell me few topics where one should concentrate on for a technical interview?
And what are your scores?

percentile in elitmus are
And bro about studying you must have your basics clear of whatever you know.
Having knowledge of OS,DBMS,CN is good along with a Language.

And one final question.
What are the companies that you got shortlisted for?

Thank You so Much Naman for your valuable information.
Hope you get selected soon.

From Elitmus i attended Nirvana,Innostax,Optimus,Remaxys,Xenonstack,Cleartrip,Sopra Steria,Harman,Aptean,Dark Horse,Eziatech drives.
Then there were 3-4 companies in which i applied direct or through pool campus drive.
And i am still unemployed.
Worst phase of my life i would say.

Thanks Naman.
Stay Strong Bro.
You’ll get through this.

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@naman_3390789! Bro! What happened in Sopra Steria? How many round you cleared bro? Don’t feel so disappointed. Destiny sometimes does not synchronize with our hard work. It takes some time and ofcourse God has different plans for everyone. Till then you can keep trying and improving.

Bro i would say bad luck in sopra steria.
got rejected in last round(Technical Interview).
Feels Bad Man.