GradMener Pune

Has anyone got a call for GradMener, Pune drive on 21 August 2017?

Yes i got!!

Do you have any idea about the job profile ?
Being sent to client locations after training is a bit unclear.

M not confirm, but i think the position may be junior software engineer, coz its where people start after training.

Thank you. Will you be attending?

No i won’t be attending as there is a location problem for me.


Gradnwner is not a software company … it’s a placement agency…stuffing is its business …means it trains uh and sent to other companies

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That means, even after complete training, I will have to appear for interviews for other companies or join a company directly?

Join company directly…

Ok. Thanx

Who attended the interview??
If you did, Has anyone got offer letter?

i got it