Got interview call for accenture drive but unfortunately coudn't give response

I got the interview call for accenture drive which held on 9th fabuary in pune. Due to some issues i am not able to confirm my interview call. can i get a interview call again for the accenture drive And for the confirmation what i should do,Please help me. As soon as possible please reply me

These days , It is hard to get calls from the companies,and you missed out on a golden opportunity given to you!!!Just Wowww… Try applying once again,can’t assure you whether they consider you or not,but keep trying…

i have tried many times but it’s not working…can u please tell me another solution…@vaddepalli_2958108

hello gitanjali
my name is sulochana and please can you tell me till which score elitmus offers a job , if you can please tell me i want to make sure how much i need to get a call.thankyou in advance

Heard someone saying that accenture will still consider the candidature If you reject the call from them…Please apply for upcoming accenture drives, they might sent you a call letter if your Ph scores and academic scores are high… Best of luck :slight_smile:

thankyou so much for your advice… :slight_smile: @vaddepalli_2958108

it depends on company to company. every company have their own criteria.I heard that overall minimam 100 marks needed to get call from any company…@sulochana_3281135