GoIbibo /make my trip | 2018

does anyone shortlisted for make my trip drive ?? my scores are log-96,quant-84 and english-26 what are my chances ??

Not yet…anyone else got a call?

what are ur scores bro??

Quants- 90

does anyone get call for make my trip ??

What is your score/percentile?

what are your scores ?? does u are invited at location for interview or home code test ??

actually i am not invited that is why i am asking what is her(Pujasvi) score?

I am also not invited …bro …what are Ur scores ??

did u get call from eka software or cronejit
what is ur score bro

no call from from cronjit bro

when u have interview ??

what are my chances …as
but verbal is very less it is only 26

I gave 2 ph test one before applying and one after …which one will be considered? …does anyone has any idea

got no call.

I did get an invitation for Coding test on 27th September.

I have received the mail a week ago to attend the interview but got a mail today in the evening that the Go-Mmt event scheduled on 3rd oct is cancelled.

Will they reschedule the interview or they have cancelled the interview permanently???
What about their coding test result held on 27th September?

They have intimated that the rescheduled date of interview will be shared as soon as possible

can u tell ur scores in eltmus??