[Glassbeam] Anyone got call for interview after written test

anyone got call for glassbeam after written test? if yes when please share

what was ur elitmus score subject wise?

no not yet

can anybody tell me his/her score who got a call from glassbeam?


just for my clearance you also wrote the test on 1st dec right?


but they said that the result will be out by the end of day

dont know it may take time

Hey i had also given test on 1st dec !! Pls do lemme know if anybody got call for f2f interview at glassbeam!!!

how many questions you did correct in written test

On my account leaving 2-3 ques rest all are correct !!

your sql queries were also correct?? and what was the ans for how many times 7 will appear to write the no from 1 to 1000

me also waiting for same.

anyone got the call from glassbeam for next round

have you got the call from glassbeam???

does anyone get call from glassbeam after written test ?


hey did anybody got call from glassbeam yet or anybody tried to conatct them !! if u have any contact info of glassbeam u can share !!!

080 4046 0505 this is the contact no they are not responding