Getting No calls for interview

I don’t even get the status for my application changed even beyond final end dates.

What is your score and academics?
Which companies you applied to?

My scores are 19, 86 and 79. I have 7.86 in my academics. I applied for Rapidd Technologies - Technical Intern role. Even after the event date my status shows it as just “Applied”.

You have to take another test bro.
Chances of calls are very less.
Even I did not get call from Rapidd with 91 (PS) and 71 (Quants).

I have applied for almost 8-10 companies but my status is still applied. Most of jobs are expired now. Atlest they should say not shortlisted, it will be better than applied status. Did it any problem with my profile or it is natural ? My score is 85 but what I think is they should reply something. I will have satisfaction that my application has been reach their and they have seen it.

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They see all applications bro.
Applied status means they have seen your profile and but you don’t meet their requirements now.

If your total score is 85, then it is too low to get calls.
Can you tell me a bit more about your score, sectional percentiles?

I know my scores are less. But what I think they should atleast say not shortlisted. I read most people getting not shortlisted status. Then if they not selected me then why they not giving any reply

same here.

The thing is if they “Not shortlist” you, you will never get calls from that company.
They keep your application on hold, because they think you might take another test and score better, then they will be able to call you.

86(P.S.), 79(Quantitative)

You will get some calls. Keep applying.
Some companies call after 2 - 3 months of applying.

Hi, I gave my test on 26th November. I have score 98.26, 93.62 and 99.94 in verbal, problem solving and quants respectively. I have applied in 8-10 companies and still haven’t got any calls. I am a 2017 pass out with 7.58 cgpa. What are my chances??

Your branch?

Information Technology

This is strange that you are not getting calls.
Which companies did you apply to?

Almost all like whizdim, elitmus, accenture etc. Got a call from dark horse only which I didn’t go for

did they call u after 2 3 months of giving exam… as u said your score were less… which company hired you

Hi guys!! I got
Verbal =65%
Problem solving= 87%
Quantitative =75% and overall=81%
What are my chances of getting calls from top MNCs and I am from CS background .Did any one have an idea on this?