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Can I get a good paying job without any knowledge of coding. Does companies hire candidates through elitmus who has little or no knowledge of coding?

Yes, there job for IT services that does not require coding skills.
Companies are Accenture, Dark Horse Digital, CGI, Attara, etc.
But the pay will not be great. You will get a pay ranging between 2 and 4 LPA.

But dark house digital job vacancy require knowledge of java or sql
And can I land a job having verbal percentile as 89.83.
It was 90.05 but it got reduced to above after 2 days of declaration of result. Many are saying that companies ask for 90+ percentile in verbal

I also have same question
I know little coding( only C) as I am mechanical engineer , I am in a mechanical company but wanna white collar job
So can I get any opportunity for interview?

Attra has not shortlisted my profile
May be my scores are not that good
80.13 in reasoning percentile
85.43 in English/ verbal
95.4in quantitative
Do you know what is cutoff for that

Your score looks good @harshad_3331332, I guess they didnt call you because you are from mechanical engineering background. A friend of mine with score of 162 has got the call from Attra.

My score is 172.5
And Attra has not mentioned CS / IT background

Yeah, i double checked it before answering. They didnt mention CS/IT. But your score is good and friend of mine with score of 162 got their call. So there could be only two reasons.

  1. Your academics are not good.
  2. You are from mechanical engineering background.
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I have a score of 200+ , can I get a job without coding skills and I am a ECE graduate.
I have verbal 89 percentile with 90+ percentile in both quant and PS.

Its hard to get a job without coding skill especially in startups and product based companies. You may get through only for service based companies or mass recruiters. Though there are few such companies (like mindtree 200+ opening , Attra 30 opening or Accenture). But as i think for these companies too, knowledge of a programming language with basic coding skill is required.
Mindtree’s drive is on 29th, so i will suggest look for Past Mindtree interview process and prepare accordingly. Hope it helps. Cheers.
All the Best :blush:

Academic are good
More than 70%in both be and Mtech

I think it’s time to learn some java or C++.
Though I have a certification in basic java. But not very good at it.

how and from where did you prepare for problem solving? please share.

For PS do cryptarithmatic and data sufficiency ques. There are 4 data sufficiency and 3 cryptarithmatic ques. If you get them right you got 7 right answer

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Mindtree is not permitting mechanical

mindtree is having its event in bangalore and delhi, but there is no job opening in delhi itself? as delhi is not mentioned in job location.
if anyone want a job in delhi , should he apply to mindtree hoping that they might have a opening in delhi or not?