I know some of you have attended Genesys. if You are one of them, plz do help me about the questions they asked and the coding section they conducted and also about the interviews.

They generally take 5 rounds of interview and ask a lot of puzzles in the process . The code round is a challenging one…if you have done some question of string domain in hackerearth / hackerrank you will sail through

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Thank you!

I went through till the Technical round. After which everyone of us were asked to leave and we were told that we would receive a mail from either genesys or elitmus regarding the further processes. Did any one recieve such mail ?

how many people were there ?

People ?? Those who came for the interview or the team from genesys ???

Those who came for the interview and the rounds that happened there ?
How many were shortlisted for further ?

Around 40 came for the interview. First we had a written test ( Aptitude, Verbal, Programming, Quants ) for 1 hour. Then the shortlisted candidates were separated into 2 batches. One went through a coding test and the other had a puzzle round. Then we had a Technical interview after which few were rejected. And the others were asked to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday for a confirmation mail. That is it.

Genesys is a nice company . There HR will certainly call you if you are shortlisted .

How was the interview at GENESYS .Please share your interview .

anyone hers is from 2015 Batch waiting for getting placed