GeekyAnts Interview

How many of got calls for interview ? What are the questions asked in technical written test and interview ?

I hv got admit card

Me too. Do u know anyone who was in previous geekyants drive ?

I don’t know…If u hv any idea plz let me know

anybody wrote april 30th elitmus exam.anybody got the result

first of all it is a two round process you have to go Bengaluru two times. If you think you will able to manage then go with it.

First: written coding exam 5 questions and 1 er diagram then a single tech round about written exam

Second : 4 tech rounds with puzzles ,dbms, data structure ,coding and what you written in your cv

First day there can be up to 6 rounds for non cs students.

I wrote it but awaiting test results till now.

when did you attend the first round ?

Hello Friends
A few months back I had applied for Geeky Ants and at that time interview date was not colliding with my exams but recently I got to know that I was shortlisted for the same company but now my exam is clashing with the interview so what to do in this case should I decline the opportunity or leave it without any reply
And if I decline that opportunity is there any chance that I would get shortlisted for Geeky Ants again in the future.

If you decline you might be considered for the next drive

Will I be shortlisted for the same opportunity again if I had declined it before.

Can’t say for sure… If they are using the same criteria for next drive you may be shortlisted else no.

I received the call, too.

When did you appear in the pH test and how much did you score?

Yea I got the result

Is interview process going on either two continuous day or gap between two days. please reply soon, please inform if you have any idea about greekyants .

There will be gap of at least one week . @manisha_3331173

Did u get Geeky ants quetions

Can u share your scores
My scores being
Va :99.50
Qa: 99.85
What are my chances of being shortlisted