Gave test on 28/5/17, interview calls status

I gave my test on 28th may, 2017… So far, No interview calls . my percentile being 70.07 in PS, 80 In Quant, 94.83 in verbal… Is it too time taking, or my scores aren’t worthy?? Please help guys!

Have 94 in verbal
91. 9 in problem solving
99.2 in quantitative
No calls yet.

How many calls have u got so far Abhishek?

He already told you. It’s a huge 0

That was 14 days back, In these 14 days, I have got 6 calls, He must have got at least 6 calls, That’s y I m asking him again.

passout year and score?

Hi…i am 2016 passout and fresher and its sept 2017 .can i give test and expect an interview call nw???

Put your Location properly. Also make sure you are filling your forms in the required way. Update your Resume!

hey …im also 2016 graduate without any experience…i gave test on july 23rd and got so so marks and appiled for companies…got 3 calls out of 10-11 companies applied to(attended only one because of non it/cs background and waiting for the result)… im planning to retake test on oct 1st for better score

answer to your question is YES take test and apply for companies…they are still calling us…
its better if u are from CS/IT and score 90 percentile in all sections…its good if u are not from it/cs background…!

take test as soon as possible and try to get decent marks/percentile…
hope this helps…!!