Gap Year

Does company hire you on the basis of your Ph score even having 2 year gap without any experience?
I was graduated in oct 2014, after that i had joined my family business. But Now i need a job. Should i give these kind of exams?

The companies do specify graduation year in the application. Like most of the companies right now in the jobs section have specified the batch to be 2016/2017. Some other companies look for experience. Why dont you email elitmus and ask them

I have already done this. They haven’t responded yet. Anyways thanks a lot.

Dont worry bro ,join courses do some certifications in java,sql etc…you will easily get the job…best of luck

I know its really late to reply to this post, but I am writing this reply in a hope that it might be useful to other readers in future.
First of all don’t get disappointed. Its never too late.

At eLitmus, it might not be available to apply for those who have career gaps. But having career gaps does not mean its end of era and one cannot start afresh. Starting again needs patience and persistent efforts. Any one can start afresh at any point of time. May be initially you need to work with less pay and struggle more, but continuous efforts to improve oneself will lead to success for sure.
Here is Link to path that one may choose from for IT sector:

I am thankful to elitums and congratulate you for putting these unique efforts to help fresh graduates to reach their goals.
You givings wings to these freshers to get started to fly high in the sky.

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