Game test link delhi 4th feb

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Is there anyone who has not received game test link?


did you tried to contact elitmus?

Yes, they said Accenture is processing for the same, ll get soon
Also got mail from Accenture regarding the documents to be carried during interview but no game test link yet.

yup i too got mail regarding documemts last nyt bt not abt game test link…they said u will get by 2nd feb…is game test round is non elimination round fr u?

It is non elimination round for everyone I guess

no nt for everyone…who fulfill criteria abt ph test then it will be non elimination round… otherwise elimination round…whch is mention in ur elitmus admit card… elimination round ppl got link already as i knw

Don’t know what the ■■■■ is going on. It’s frustrating .

I also din’t get any game test mail, and It was non elimination for me according to elitmus admit card. Is there any chance to get call from Accenture tell guys???

Don’t know we all are waiting for the game test. It’s non elimination for me also

now got it guys :slight_smile: