Four weeks @ a bulk recruiter and 2 pH Tests, summarise my journey to Barracuda Networks, a US MNC giant I did not know existed


I am from IET, Indore. I joined Barracuda Networks. For those who do not know about the company, they should read wikidpedia. It a big product company in space of networking and security. Sharing this as I did not know it - that is beauty about eLitmus gets you jobs from fantastic companies.

Placements in my campus were comparatively bad this year, majority of students got placed in mass recruiters, including me (Wipro).

I gave pH for the first time in my campus in 7th sem at Indore. Having got a feel of the test, I attempted it again within a month (next test in Indore) to improve it . This was the most wise decision as most of my friends around thought they will prepare and take it and in process never took it. The first company I attended through eLitmus was Harman (LEAP engineer) in 8th semester.

I got a July joining date, so ditched the idea of searching for a better job (there was a bond). On joining I looked around and understood most people after a year or two have become comfortable and their knowledge is limited. This was a wake up call - I thought I would rather pay for bond than have a similar future where I am paid well but not enjoying job.

That is when I remembered the phrase eLitmus always uses in mailers "pH Test score never goes waste !! ". Logged in and started applying. I got two offers in quick succession through eLitmus and joined Barracuda Networks in August first week. Yes that fast !! I checked later on their jobs page that in July/ August they have one job a day.

My two piece of advice to juniors and fellow friends - it takes very little to bag great jobs. Have some initiative and read up basics of computer science and brush up your concepts. Companies are looking for initiative and that is best way to show. And yes do not procrastinate and wait for perfect day when you are well prepared - take the pH Test now - I can surely affirm “eLitmus pH Test never goes waste”


Hi Iflah,
Many congratulations on joining Barracuda Networks!
It is so good to see someone going for a job they would actually enjoy and not joining just for the sake of getting placed or money.
Wishing you all the best for your career.


Thank you :slight_smile: