For the upcoming drives(2016 batch), Attivo Networks, Blue Stacks, Glassbeam, InTime Tech,


If any of you @Adda gets interview calls from the above mentioned companies, kindly post here about when you got the call letter and your scores. It will help others to know that they can hope or not, and it will give a fair idea of cut-off by companies.

Thank You!


I got a call from attivo networks, tech test this saturday. score 270. Hope this helps. Does anyone know what will come?


No idea. But you can check for interview details and questions.


Who else got the call for attivo networks? (2016 batch)


I got from in time tech


I got from attivo


Do v hv to report to the venue or it is online test???


I got call from InTimeTec.


R u going for dat…?


I am looking for tickets.
Also, I am giving it a second thought because I am not good at C++ and I have to travel from Banglore to Jaipur in mere 1day. If the coding round has C++, then I won’t be able to go through.


I also shortlisted for intimetech
r u going?


Okay nidhi


got call from attivo…17 batch…
percentile score…english 46.43,ps…97.70…quant…92.55…total marks …160


@sumit_3186526 You have got decent percentile. Thanks for sharing your score.


do u hav any idea wt kind of questions may be asked in interview?


Have an idea about what they could ask from the interview experiences of people. Data structure, OS, C and C++ programming, and aptitude.
But don’t rely on this information, I suggest you to brush-up your coding skills. You can follow or
Best Of Luck!


thanx …


No calls till 23rd.
quant- 99.75


BlueStacks anyone?


No… didn’t got call from any other company than InTimeTec.