For the 2015 pass out

is there any opportunity for 2015 pass out now to placed in accenture like company

What’s ur ph score?

MY PH percentile are 91,61,48 . Is there any chance for getting placed and im 2015 Passout

if accenture hires again then u will get da call

And I have also applied for associate profile at elitmus but not get selected ???

Is there any chances that accenture hire again??

My score is 130

hey rohit, i am also 2015 passout cse student. sit for elitmus 10 july, can you give tips tricks to get 90 %

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Acc. To me firstly attempt logical or eng part first and at last u have to attent quant

I am even 2015 passout cse student my percentile are 66.02, 39.64, 66.57 it has been a month I have applied for jobs bt still do not got any call . so will I get any positive results of getting interview call & is my percentile is enough to get a call from Accenture? Plz tell me. really worrying

Is any body got the call from maxxton group

2015 passout, got 98.04 in Quant, 85.01 in problem solving and 89.28 in verbal, total score 208, and zero calls, any opinions on this? Does anyone want 2015 passouts??

I’m a 2015 passout from mechanical branch… My pH percentiles are 90.47, 92.94, 87.84 in verbal, Problem solving and quants. I haven’t seen any jobs matching my eligibility criteria. What are my chances?

Is ur college name mentioned in accenture college list?

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@kartik_3113068 i got a call from maxxton… what about the practical test ?

@ayan_2910852 I also got the call from maxxton and interview is on 9th July I think it is machine test

@kartik_3113068 yes… Any idea about accenture for 2015 batch?

Well I am also waiting for the accenture drive I hope so it is soon

@ayan_2910852 well if we see the history than accenture drive is over for us if hire again than its a good news for us

2015 pass out
Problem solving 97.60%
Quanttve 99.09%

Any interview calls possible?
Please reply…