Ezeiatech Interview questions

If anyone has experienced interview procedure of Ezeiatech pvt Ltd Gurugram, then Please share. I have to attend the drive on 7th September.

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bro they called me on 6th.
they have it for 2 days??

All the best bro.

How was the interview bro today? What questions were asked? How many rounds? Which language they focused on?

How to reach Ezeiatech bro! there is no google map directions. Its not on google map.

Bro prepare java, master threading,interfaces and inheritance.
It’s a nice and tough test
I was not able to perform good since I didn’t know much about the above mentioned topics.
For reaching there just book a cab when u reach gurugram.

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Coding questions or mcqs!?

Today I attended the drive. They asked about 12 Mcq and 2 coding questions. I somehow cleared written test and met the interviewer who was Fullstack developer. He came to know that I am poor at java. So he asked me mysql and html. I did correctly in sql part but not so good in html. They told me to go home and wait for the feedback. I am happy that they didn’t ask tough java questions.

Thank you bro. Actually I travelled by auto rickshaw. Rs 80 for huda city Metro station to shoppers stop itech park.

so how was the paper bro, u qualified for other rounds?

oh never mind i didnt read ur previous post,all the best

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I know I am not selected. This is now in fashion. “You can go home. We will let you know.”

what were the coding questions and topic of mcqs?

is there anyone who got selected in Eziatech??

Yes but I don’t know them personally.

Do u know how many days did they take to announce the results?


is there any interview in Ezeiatech for anyone on this weekend ?