wht is my over all percentile i had got 6% in verbal and 72 % in reasoning and 10% in quat.

and what are my chace please say me.

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Nada, zilch & as they say it in french ‘non’. You need to appear the test again and score better.

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what will be my overall %

I have scored 84 in verbal , 87 in problem solving & 3 in quant
do i have any chance??

Your score is good, you’ll get calls, apply for all the companies and wait. Accenture,CGI, Attra will definitely call if you apply.

There is no overall percentile, there’s an overall score and individual segment percentile. It’s advisable to get at least 80 percentile in all of the segments, if not then at least don’t get negative in any.

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what is interview process in CGI. i was schedule to interview on 12th.?

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Thank you :slight_smile: