Exadatum Interview Call

I am shortlisted for Exadatum . Anyone else? Does any one have any idea about the Programming test and interviews?

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I’m selected too. Does anyone here have any idea what would be the process?
I mean what would be asked in the interview. What if we don’t have any prior coding knowledge?
Is it a good choice to attend it even then? As coming down to Pune for the interview would turn out to be quite expensive.

bro what was score???

I got 250

i got 142 overall will i get a call from some companies???

I have also received a call for interview from Exadatum…

bro wat was ur score

I got 266.3


whats your percentile

how u r scoring guys please help me, giude me some tips

my ph test is on 27 th nov so please help me which topics i need to concentrate more and if u have any papers please forward to me .mail id is : prasanna7gp@gmail.com

I got the call letter to but there is no information about the interview even in google can anyone tell us what should we practice better to ■■■■■ this interview

what is your overall score?


Hlo joshi bro me too selected for exadatum…Do have any idea of programming questions?

guys even I got an offer to apply at exadatum but i never heard of this company. Also i dont have any idea how much of programming knowledge is required in order to ■■■■■ the interview. Anyone having any clues??

Guys I think there is programming test on Datastructures like SLL,Stack, Trees etc…

Where r u coming from

what were the rounds?