Exa AG

Does anyone know the selection process?

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Did you get Exa call letter??

No, i haven’t received it yet.

I received the interview call letter…

Yes, i also received :blush:.

Yup I too received the call…are there any technical rounds??

Firstly Congrats! What are your scores guys ?

Can you plz tell your score

And one more thing,they also seen your academic scores…!!!

My percentiles are,
Verbal 90.29,
Problem Solving 90.08
Quantitative 75.15

Total score is 168.75

what will be asked if the profile is for SAP development?

what they will asked in written test??

Any coding or just aptitude in written test ?

I also got the invite.
Do any of you know anything about the company?
Glassdoor reviews have scared me a bit though.

Interview details page says "Written test and group discussion followed by multiple rounds of interviews. "

If you are coming for the drive, please message me.
I am in Kormangala, if nearby, we could go together.

hey i am from electrical branch…is that written test going to include coding n all…any idea…??

I don’t think coding, but it may be a technical+aptitude test.
Concepts of C, OOPS, DBMS, etc

They may ask technical questions as aptitude was already taken by elitmus.

The drive for exa is over…are they conducting another drive or what?

I worked here for some good amount of time,
In my personal opinion , i didn’t feel good, though i managed
But i couldn’t succeed being here so long,

There are better opportunities,