Equifax Interview Results

Did anyone receive the results after the F2F round on 14th July.

what was the selection process???

First it was Aptitude Test

No… not yet… They have posted job notification for 2017 batch now…

what they ask in interview ??

Aptitude was basic.

GD they will tell you to select one topic. General communications will be checked.

Face to Face just be prepared with whatever mentioned in your CV

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thanx for help :slight_smile:

Can you throw some light like how many people attended the process and how many reached last round . Just a fair idea ( Approximations will help )

yes I received a mail from them saying that I have to upload all the scanned docs

Did you receive mail?

I also got a similar mail. Any update after that?

Can you Tell me, what are the questions were asked in second round and third round??

No nothing… Tell me if u get any

2nd round GD
Third round TECH

In third round what are the questions asked???

When r u having the interview man?

Hey! After how many days did you received this email?

Next time gotta apply so only asking about the details

Did anyone who attended 14 or 24 July drive got the joining date or any new info?

Any update on joining date?