Equifax interview questions

Anybody has idea about EQUIFAX interview questions? The drive is to be conducted on 14th July…

If u get any questions related help please post here…thnx

They are conducting their interview in banglore and i am in delhi. its not possible to reach there so early.

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Better not to come exclusively for this interview . If you have other interviews also, then offcourse you can consider attending.

U got call bro?

In the written round, they’ll ask questions from technical

Bro are they related to Java, SQL? Can u please give little idea about the format?

Anybody from 2017 batch who got called?

it was for 2016 batch

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On what topics the questions would be…

What they ask in interview and in written test , I have my interview on 24th?

I have my interview on 24th can you please throw some light on the interview procedure with some dos n donts !!