Elitmus test score

hi my scores are:

  1. Eng lang-80.26
    2.Quant- 81.00
    3.PS -62.40
    What are my chances? i am fresher.
    10th cgpa-10.00
    12th %=91.00
    Graduation- 76.8%

All your scores are very good. Its just that Problem Solving is a bit low. 85+ percentile would’ve been great.
You can try to apply and see if you are getting calls.

or, Take a retest. Prepare well and try to score 85+ in all the sections.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey wali,
Thanks…Yeah PS marks shattered me.but can u tell me if there is any chance with these marks?

Sorry, but chances are very slim.
You won’t get calls for good profiles paying 4/5+LPA.

Problem Solving is a very important section and usually marks in this is what matters.
Please don’t lose hope. Prepare and take the test again.

You may read this -

Thanks wali…Can i get call from Accenture or other IT companies with these marks?

What is your total score? (not percentile)
If it is above 120, then there is a chance that you will get calls from IT companies.

Do check the college list. You can apply if you college/university is listed here.

What does the College list signify? Is there any special preference given to students from these colleges? I see that they have not listed many of the top colleges from Mumbai as well.

i thnk accenture is not going to hire this year .possibility low

@ronit_3364166 Yes, preference to students from those colleges. That is written as “Additional Eligibility”.

@abhishek_3400101 That is what I fear. This year placement has been terrible. Still lets think positive and keep our hopes high.