eLitmus Score for interview calls

My Score are
Verbal 22 percentile
Logical reasoning 75 percentile
and Quant 69.87 percentile .
what are the chances of getting calls?

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Verbal is too low. Buddy! Score will be in negative or will be very low. I would suggest to retake :slight_smile:

Score is low , not negative and this was my 3rd attempt.

Ohh!. i have seen some of my friends to b shortlisted at 58 percentile but i think it will b hard for 22 percentile.

is there no chance of getting calls ?

Sorry to say but It will be hard I guess. You cant give it after 3 attempt? I dont have much idea…

Do they take best of three or individual percentile from all of three attempts.
Like in first attempt in verbal i got 94 percentile and other two sections with low percentile .
Now i have good percentile in other two in my 3rd attempt , so will they see that way or one test all marks at one time ?

i think they will take the one with highest score in all three attempts.

all three section altogether from same attempt or different attempts?

All three sections altogether from same test