Elitmus result

In scored section, it is written over there That "Result is being processed " . But my percentage area is empty. How to know the result of 5th March New Delhi test…?

maybe u have not submitted ur originals…at the time of examinations. or u can call on their help line no. for the status of ur result

I also have given my exam on 5th march Mumbai Location. But they are showing results are not declared.

dont worry, It means that your result is under process…It will be released soon…happens with me also

so after how many days your results were out ?

it depends…my first test result came in 13-14 days…and second in 3-4 days

can u please tell me in crypto wat typ questions asked like multiplication or division??

Is there any helpline number to contact elitmus team ? please update .

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I wrote elitmus xam on march 5 but the score is not given. It is showing the score is under process. When the score will be announced??

mostly multiplication

is there any chance of discrepancies in ph score because i scored more than 80+ percentile in before tests but did not receive any call so i attempted it again which went better than before and i was very confident this time but my scores this time is very poor. so is there any chances of publishing wrong scores by mistake.

the scores are released today. you can see it on your dashboard

no there is no chance that they publish wrong scores…

percentile is calculated not only on your performance percentiles means how others have performed with respect of you. This time may be others have performed better with respect to your first attempt day so despite of being higher marks than last time u wll get less percentile. So worry about marks not percentile. Percentile is an unpredicted game :wink: