Elitmus evaluation_full stack developer


I got a call from elitmus itself for full stack developer. first round is online coding test. does anyone know that what kind of question can be asked?..and will python be listed as a programming language?..and plz let me know the major area from where questions can be asked?

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raman can u share your score


I have got 78 in verbal and 40 in Problem Solving and 50 in Quant and the respective percentile are 83 in verbal, 85 in problem solving and 92 in quant.

I just want to know that is there any language bar in coding challenge ??


no i dont think so. u just have to choose your own language and code in that language.


i have 60 in verbal & 50 in quants and logical. i didnt get the call.
when did u apply?


I have applied on 21 August and got call yesterday.


Me also got call for this position… how was the first round?? Please tell anyone…