Elitmus company drives

Hi , I have a pretty good score in E-Litmus (Quant- 99.47 %ile, Problem Solving- 97.77%ile, Verbal- 94.74%ile). But it’s just showing me 4-5 companies. Will there be more companies in the coming months or it’s just those? Thanks in Advance

Yes, there will be drives soon.
Recruitment has just begun.

Which batch are you?

2018 batch

Sit back and relax.
You have 1 year in hand.

For 2018, hiring wil start from June/July.
Till then you won’t see much drives as companies will recruit 2017.

Is there any chance for me to land an internship?

You have missed the "Internship Week"
The entire December was filled with internship opportunities.

Yes, there is still some chance as you might see 1 - 2 drives in this month for you.