eLitmus Alumni

"I joined eLitmus right after my graduation and needless to say, this proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. Within two weeks of joining the company, I was already interacting with the clients and within a year, I was handling a few independently. eLitmus provides a very cross-functional environment where everyone has access to everything. I was involved in almost all the meetings regarding company's future, which not only made me felt valuable but also made me more business savvy. Senior management was approachable and the peer group at eLitmus consisted of some very intelligent folks.

The timings were flexible and the company provided a lot of opportunities for worldly learnings as well. While conversations during lunch kept me updated with the latest happenings, Wednesday sessions provided me beginner level knowledge of a lot of complex topics. On the whole, eLitmus converted my career into a successful one."

-Vishal Kaushik (IIM-R, ex-eLitmus)

"I was associated with eLitmus for 6+ years and worked with some of the brightest talents of the industry. I was part of eLitmus technology team but got to work with almost all the teams. The best and worst thing about the place is, you are on your own. You will have complete freedom to do things your ways, if you can justify the cause. No spoon feeding, you have to figure out your own ways. You get full support from management on whatever new you want to try. It's very much ok if you try and fail, but without trying if you fail then that is something each person at this place hates."
-Mohit Negi (Ola, ex-eLitmus)
"I chose to forego a comfortable job at an MNC for my stint at eLitmus, and it may have been the wisest choice I made. The amount you can learn from being part of a small strike team under an experienced hand is often under-appreciated. eLitmus faces the kind of challenges that force you to learn and discover new things every week, and stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow's frameworks and technologies. I was able to create tools and shape workflows that had a big impact on everyone, all the while learning more in an year than I had in 4 years of college. Once I found my groove, I had a significant amount of autonomy, but with no shortage of guidance and support whenever I needed it. I am immensely grateful to all at eLitmus who help make it a great place to work and learn!"
-Prajwal Manjunath (2K Sports, ex-eLitmus)


I worked at eLitmus from Sep’08 to May’14. It was an inspiring and a humbling experience to work alongside a bunch of intelligent, passionate and hard-working colleagues. After all these years, all of us are still good friends and interact frequently.

I loved the entrepreneurial, fun and slightly academic culture at eLitmus, which had no room for politics and mediocrity. Our ideas and opinions were valued on their own merits and were only worth as much as the data that supports them. The leadership team invested a lot of time in mentoring early talent. Some of us (including myself) did not like the rigour and being challenged during the initial phase but eventually appreciated it later as that process resulted in our improved capability levels.

Yes, there was a lot of surface area to own considering that the size of our team was small, but we enjoyed that stress and challenge. Being encouraged to go an extra mile was rewarding in the long run. Personally, I had to develop many new skills, and push my existing skills, in order to deliver results and to ensure I do justice to my role which included leading/managing people who were much smarter than me.

I truly feel indebted and want to see everybody at eLitmus succeed.

[Nimesh Mathur, Former Head of Customer Success & Recruitment Business at eLitmus]
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nimeshmathur/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/NimeshMathur