eLitmus Adda: A Brief Guide

Welcome to the eLitmus Forum. Below are a few basic guidelines and terms for using the forum. These are in addition to the terms of use mentioned on eLitmus website.

Please understand that not adhering to them may result in one or more of the following actions:

  1. Affect your trust level within the forum
  2. Temporary ban from using the forum
  3. Permanent ban from using the forum
  4. Affect your candidature in jobs you have applied to

eLitmus is not responsible for accuracy of any information posted by a forum user other than @forums_admin

Before posting a new post / thread / message, make sure that your question (or things you want to discuss with others) has NOT been raised and answered by somebody in appropriate thread(s).

Trivial threads and questions shall be locked and purged. Examples of trivial threads include -

:no_entry_sign: Are there civil engineering jobs (all jobs till date are posted on www.elitmus.com - search there)
:no_entry_sign: I have less than 60% in Xth , will I get calls (again see the eligibility of companies by visiting the job section)
:no_entry_sign: questions answered in Help.

Name your threads appropriately and try to create as few new threads as possible. This will not only facilitate users to locate useful threads but it will also make searching easier.

Go easy on CAPS. Posting messages in CAPS is not only rude but also makes it uncomfortable to read.

Never Spam: Spamming includes advertising through posts, misleading links, deviating topics etc. However, we encourage sharing personal blogs or initiatives in your signature.

You should not discuss, suggest, engage, or encourage any Illegal Activities. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activities are forbidden.

You should not discuss exam questions or interview questions. We stand for meritocracy and any activity that goes against this principle is strictly forbidden.

Don’t make personal attacks on anyone.

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