E litmus scholarship code for elitmus exam on 19 ,25,26 th feb

HI guys!!!
e litmus test at at just Rs. 650 for student planning to take test on 19,25,26 february and have not yet paid the fee amount of 954. I have 5 schloarship code each of 304 rs. please mail me with your screen shot of the page of e litmus showing that you are going to take test on 19/25/26.And If i wil find you are definetily giving test on 19/25/26…i will reply you instantly with the suitable code …my email id is cktherockstar@gmail.com.Please hurry if you have not taken the test till now…apply for a date take the screenshot, and mail me , u will receive the code soon and then you can make the payment.

first user or else anyone can use


do you have code for 2nd april 2017.