Do i have any chances to get call

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My Score are
Verbal 52 percentile
Logical reasoning 56 percentile
and Quant 98.12 percentile .
total score = 135.1
what are the chances of getting calls?

Total score is gd,but the % in two grps are seem to be little less…u can expect call from harman… Accenture,cgi(if they will do drive in this year),customised…all tge best

Should I retake exam…?

Try to apply all the company,if call will come gd,
At the same time if u want to enhance in your score then appear once but make sure u have to score a bit better than previous…all the best…dont worry…

130+ score is also gd,but honestly from last 1 months there was no gd drive through elitmus

Thanks for your guidance…