Did anyone of you got the call from DataMetica Solutions Pvt. Ltd



I would like to inquire if DataMetica has already started to roll out interview invites or it is yet to do so ? Please respond if you have got a call from there !


nope, still waiting


How about today ? What’s your score ?


Nope. The “applied” status is still there. Maybe they will be considering us for the next drive. Refer toh help->jobs section.
Or maybe they will let us in tomorrow.
96 problem
83 english
Whats your score ?


hey r u going for the exadatum drive tomorrow?


Same story as data metica, not shortlisted yet, still showing applied status


Yes. I am. Can we get in touch ?


Do you know their IT aptitude pattern ?


no i dont have any idea about what kind of questions they r gonna ask in the test?


you can ■■■■■■■■ me my number is 8011441389