Demo Test Online pH test

The Demo test helps you understand the test platform well before getting into the actual test schedule which you have applied for.

It is recommended to take the Demo test before proceeding your test application.


  • Invite code for the actual test will be sent at least 15 min prior to your test schedule
  • The invite code for the actual test to be accessed in the stipulated time mentioned in the email/portal related to your test

System Requirements

For the test to run smoothly, you need to ensure the following requirements are fulfilled by your system:

  1. Need an Administrator account to run the test.
  2. Disable all the Anti-Virus & Malware applications in your system before Installing this
  3. No restrictions should be implied on Network and the Application.
  4. Recommended to run on Windows 10.
  5. .NET Framework 4.5.1 (comes as optional install with the PACExamBrowser)
  6. Latest Visual C++ Libraries (comes as optional install with the PACExamBrowser)
  7. 70MB free hard disk space.
  8. Minimum 2-MegaPixel Webcam.
  9. Microphone (inbuilt or from an earphone or headphone).
  10. Minimum 1mbps internet connection.

Note : We recommend to use a Laptop computer/Desktop computer which has power backup for minimum 2 hours to avoid the hassle if the power failure in between the time of test.

Test Instructions

  1. This is a DEMO TEST. It is advisable to take the demo test to avoid last minute rush during the actual test.
  2. You will be able to attempt this test only once
  3. The test can be taken only by PACExamBrowser. Please download it from the below link and install it.
  4. Use a laptop/desktop to take your test. You should not use mobile phone or tablets for this test.
  5. Working Webcam and Microphone is mandatory.
  6. It is recommended to have a stable internet connection throughout the assessment.

This demo test is to ensure you do not face any issues during the time of actual test date. The demo test duration is 15 min. Please check the system requirement before starting the test.

To start the test

  1. Launch the PACExamBrowser which you have installed as per the previous instructions.

  2. On the welcome page you will be asked for your “Invite code,” which is found below:

    • Your Unique Invite Code is “pHDemo”
  3. Once you have entered your Invite Code, you must login using your eLitmus credentials and begin the test process.

  4. Requirement Check

    • Internet Check - Click start to check your signal strength
    • Camera Check - Click start and be on the frame for 5-10sec till the system detects
    • Audio check - Click start speak out your Name LOUDER than your normal tone
  5. Click BEGIN and proceed by following the on screen instructions. [Download instructions & FAQs PDF for reference]

  6. Please note you have a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the questionnaires. Since this is a demo test please explore all the options available on the assessment window.

  7. Click on “End Test” to submit your test.

  8. Click on “Quit Test” on the assessment dashboard to terminate the PACExamBrowser window

  • Upload Working Sheet (Rough Works)

    • You will receive an email to your registered email ID after submitting your test.

    • Check your email and follow the instructions to upload your rough works.

    • Question number against each rough work to be mentioned clearly. Rough calculation without question number will not be considered for evaluation.

    • Please mention your Name, Email ID, eLitmus Candidate ID and PLACE THE PHOTO ID PROOF (ID CAPTURED AS A PROOF BEFORE STARTING THE TEST) ON TOP OF EVERY WORKING SHEETS and capture the image which are to be uploaded. (Sample Rough sheet)

(Since it is a Demo test you might not receive a code to upload your rough work)

Note : Only candidates who submit the rough sheet will be considered for evaluation of pH Test.

You can write to us on clicking " Report a problem " link.

Note : Only candidates who submit the rough sheet will be considered for evaluation of pH Test.

Just confirming, this means every student must upload rough work to be considered for pH score?