Decline Option


i want to know if i decline the interviews and just ignore it(not accepting nor decline it) does it affect my chance of selecting in future interviews ? :confused:



When an applicant applies to a position in the company, a lot more of parameters are assessed to call him for an interview. This not only encompasses his academics but his other dimensions as well. After a vigorous scrutiny, a call for an interview is sent.

There happens to be a time when you really find no need to attend that interview, and in that case, there are three options left in the hands:

  1. Hit the decline button to leave a prior intimation about your reluctance.
  2. Do not hit the decline button and don’t show up during the interview.
  3. Doing nothing.

While step 1 can be followed up for any number of times and won’t actually effect your future interviews, step 2 is HIGHLY HATED by elitmus, and the maximum limit that a candidate can perform this foolery is 3 times. The moment he crosses this limit, the door for further interview calls gets closed. :confounded: If step 3 is followed, you won’t actually get effected but a message will show up on your screen “The last date to accept is over.”

A prior intimation about your unavailability can let a company know so that an invite can be sent to another deserving candidate.
Followers of step 2 keep the company oblivious and hence, credit their elitmus profile with a black dot.

Hope this helps.