Data metica call

Did anyone get a call??

No … not yet.
will they notify us only 2-3 days before?

Have u got the call ? I got the call today.

On which day?


Hey, can you tell me on 152 marks (according to your score) that I can expect a call or not. Like just a fair idea, if you have

anyone else got the call?

Yes I got the call at a score of 285.can someone tell me if it’s worth going there if we don’t know how to code?

Do we have to go to Pune to appear for coding test or can the whole process be done online?

I got the call.Can anyone plz tell me which type of programs they will ask in coding round?

What is your score?

I have got the call for 27th December

98 quant(%ile)
70 both of the rest

did u get call from data metica??

Yes bro…But my drive was on 26th of December nd I was rejected in TR.

can u tell me your score

and what kind of questions were in tr