Dark Horse 2018 , Offer letter?

People who were selected in the 14Oct drive have u got the offer letter yet ?

Hey…i have my interview for dark horse is on 25th.can u share ur interview experience

Hey ,sry to reply late, I had 2 interviews, 1st round is important they will ask about u and technical questions, they will ask u atleast 1 coding question more depending upon ur ability so must be thorough with the language u do coding, plus point if u know java , 2nd interview was a generally a phone interview it was a light interview ,it was easy mostly they ask about yourself no technical questions … Yep that was it then I was told I was selected

Can you please share how was the complete process
I got shortlisted for further evaluation.
What would be the further rounds and what type of ques they ask??

I am confused have u already appeared for dark horse, cuz I only had 2 rounds

I just want to ask what type of ques they ask in technical assessment?

This is my first time appearance in Dark horse.
I got shortlisted from elitmus to appear in the drive like we get cal for other companies which we apply.

I just want to ask what type of ques they asked you in technical assessment??

If you know java than its a plus, otherwise must know thoroughly about the language u excel in ,they may ask you 2-3 questions mainly programming I got 2 questions 1)print star pyramid 2) print frequency of each character in a string. I did on JavaScript so lots of questions on it ,revise your oops ,and DS.And they will also ask about your project , and other general questions, and also in case u r wondering , yes there was no coding round explicitly, it was basically coding ■■■ interview, 2nd round was telephonic interview no tech questions only general, so try to focus more on core concepts of your coding language, try to make a good impressed on the interviewee , in the first round as much as possible, this it I hope this helps.

Thnq bro

After how long did they approach you for phone interview, yesterday i.e. on 25th oct i gave in person interview. Until now i havent received any call from the company. Any suggestions?