Customised technologies for embedded system

any one got call for customised technologies for embedded system

Did you?


Calls will come usually after the last date to apply

Yes , I got shortlisted. Could anyone help in the type of questions they ask in their written test ?

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I also got a call. Anyone any idea regarding the process.

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Yes, I got the call too. Can anyone help me with the type of questions they ask?

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Anyone from nagpur got the call…?

Maybe this can help…

I have also got call for embedded profile

yes i got

Me too

can you guys please share your score ?

cz I didn’t get the call

Hey! Who got finally selected after the pi in customised technologies

I got rejected in the interview.

Any idea, who got selected?

Nope. Did u attend the process?

I got rejected in PI

how many rounds was there??