Customer Success


Jack of all - Market knowledge, Technology, Customer Engagements, Recruitment.


What do we do:

We are the matchmakers in the company (obviously! not in the literal sense. We have a marquee clientele ranging from duets (two people companies) to large multi nationals, start-ups to fortune 500 companies, IT service to cutting edge product companies, BPO’s to large FinTechs and so on. With such a great diversity of clients, comes a greater responsibility of fulfilling their unique demands. Being “Customer Delight” as our motto, we leave no stone unturned to fulfil these demands; often we tap into talent which blurs state boundaries and domains. Having such diverse experiences along with a plethora of used cases under our belt, certainly gives a feeling that there is nothing new under the sun. Of course this makes us adept to deal with any new challenge that does come up, because hey we have been there before!

How do we do:

Let’s move onto the crux of the matter. How do we do this? The work starts from formulating the JD and ends at on-boarding of the selected candidate (though it really does not stop here, will discuss it later). Our USP is going to the extremes to ensure customer delight. The process we follow to make this happen…. Well there is no secret ingredient!.
  • Understand the customer need (don’t be surprised, if we were to tell you that most of the times it’s not same as what customer asks)
  • Prepare a strategy and tailor the solution to fulfil the requirement
  • Reaching out to right set talents
  • In some cases help the Customer in devising selection methodology
  • Keeping customer abreast with the market dynamics and suggesting on course of action as and when required.
  • Constantly improving our processes derived from learning from each engagement (remember! Our work never ends on on-boarding, it actually starts again)

Case study:
Two requirements came to eLitmus for the same role, from two different companies in the same market segment and in the same domain. First customer had banks as clients looking up to them for innovation while the case of second customer it was to provide resources. So advised the first company to consider candidates who could innovate, quickly understand real life business situations and possessed great communication skills, while in the case of second one we advised to consider more persevering candidates who would love a desk job and tinker with tools & code to make magic happen and create value.

With successful fulfilment of both the requirements and high on job performance of hires, understanding one’s customers can help one provide best-in-class solutions. As an extension and somewhat equally important is to understand one’s customers’ customers, which is another pivotal step to success in the industry.

Bragging Rights

As per Nasscom survey, 90% startups wind up in their first year of becoming operational. But in the case of startups which are eLitmus’ clients, the fraction takes a nose dive (for the better of course!) to 5%.

We get to interact, build relations and learn from the top honchos in the industry (Country Heads, VPs, Directors and Founders etc.)

What does it take to be part of Customer Success?

If you have the following traits, we would love to hear from you. We are strong believers of self evaluation you see!
  • Very strong market intelligence. This means you should be people-friendly and be able to gather market intelligence
  • Highly analytical, being able to get key insights from numbers
  • Somewhere along the line you have become a vociferous reader of one or more of: pink papers, management literature, books by corporate honchos etc. (fiction does not count). Additionally you know interesting historical facts about companies like ITC, TCS, Asian Paints etc.
  • Good at comprehending and articulating ideas.
  • A perfectionist (Neither our clients nor we take failures very well)
  • Never satisfied with one’s own performance. Always striving for improvement
  • Ready for exposure and challenges in multiple domains.

Well if you are ready for this we can assure you that you will get exposure in our test operations, sales and marketing teams, and in 3 years you will be building business verticals from scratch.

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