Creo it pvt. limited interview call letter


What is the interview process in this company?


programming written test, face to face technical and hr


programming in java or any suitable language(based on logic), and any aptitude?


For me, first round was written having two sections : A and B. Section A contains 3 programming questions out of which 2 have to be answered in any language of your choice . Section B contains 1 Java inheritance question which was compulsory. Got offer but didn’t join.


Hello Vivek,Did you get Interview call letter? did someone else get a call?


what was the level of programming questions?


Hey nitish,
Was Python a option for language selection in section A?
and is java must for section B?


Here is questions for me
Section A:(out of 3, 2 to be answerd) They just check Logic … any language preferred
Q1. Given a string, find the longest substring with non-repeating characters.
Q2.write program :
Given product and sum of two numbers a and b. Find value of a and b.

Q3. Write program to find angles between hour and minute hand in clock.

Section B:(1 question from Java - compulsory)
I don’t remember exactly but related to inheritance like
Given object vehicles , write abstract method for its speed and color.
Then derive car and bike from vehicle and write method for its speed and color.
Also write a method to change gear of bike
----- and much more similar type questions

Hope this help!!