Correction in my D.O.B

Request for Correction of Date of Birth - Candidate ID: 5297534

I am writing this to draw your attention towards an error in my account details. My Candidate ID is 5297534, and my registered email ID is The issue pertains to my Date of Birth, which is currently listed as 26/08/2002. However, my correct Date of Birth is 26/08/2003.

I kindly request you to update my Date of Birth to reflect the accurate information.

Here are the details for your reference:
Candidate ID: 5297534
Registered Email ID:
Incorrect Date of Birth: 26/08/2002
Correct Date of Birth: 26/08/2003

This correct DOB is mentioned in all of my documents such as matriculation certificate, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving license etc.
I can produce any of the above documents as a proof of my DOB for your reference.

Kindly take necessary actions.

Thank You.