Core Values

Rules of the game

Core values

  • Pursuit of excellence (play hard)
  • Play to win
  • Play as a team

Do you know that close to 60% of Indian test-cricketers to date have played less than 10 test matches. Surprised? Don’t be, because there is no room for error on the big stage. But how do the successful ones manage success ‘magically’ in the first go. Maybe it’s luck. Nah! Its rehearsing again and again and doing their homework, until voila, they have ‘luckily’ succeeded at the first attempt.

We follow the same principle of working tremendously hard behind the scenes so when the big stage arrives we are always the best prepared to succeed. Getting it right the first time. Always playing to win.

We have been in business for 10+ years. So how do we sustain this zeal to succeed? Analyzing our success is the secret ingredient. Resting on our laurels is a trait lost on us. To be stagnant is frightening, and we are a company who is always in the elusive pursuit of excellence.

And we have ingrained this in our daily lives. Each of us brings their unique talents to the table for organizational improvement. But equally important to an eLitmusian is to help others around them share in their knowledge pool. Don’t know programming. Someone from our tech team is on-hand. Want to learn data analytics. Utilize our data science modules created specifically for this purpose. Stock-investment entrant. Avail help from experts at our workplace. And the list goes on Playing as a team ,we continue to achieve miracles every day.