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I appeared for the 24 September drive for CGI through elitmus, cleared all the rounds submitted all my documents copy and signed their agreement, HR told me that they will inform the rest via e-mail. Today I got to know that others have received mails regarding joining and rest but I have not. I tried to call the HR and email them but both the number and email ids are invalid. Please help, what should I do ?


even i also cleared all the rounds and hr round was remaining, but today i got a mail saying that your 1 technical round is remaining and tried to call them but number is unreachable i don’t know what to do


can anyone help


u do one thing, call this number 7259104794 tomorrow after 11 am


prashantha have they informed you about the date for further rounds .i also have cleared both the technical rounds but didnt got any mail about the hr round


thnx prashant


I had mailed him, he replied your 1 technical round is pending. I don’t no on what basis they are saying that


Officely i din’t get any mail but he replied like that to my mail and who all are cleared 2 technical rounds they have received the mail


I had the same issue. i called on the number and talked to eLitmus people they explained me what happened. The final HR rounds are still pending and the mail was just for collecting our details for further process with CGI. I will call again tomorrow to confirm once again.


Does any one got the offer letter


can you please provide the email id, I tried to call the HR and also Elitmus both d numbers are switvched off.


yes man i’m got shortlisted CGI . what abt u??? @riya_2946847


7259104794 call this number


happened same with me… i tried calling elitmus office,switch off but they didnt no answered.


i have got 75 in verbal, 18 in quant and 3 in problem solving…96 is my total score , will i get shortlisted?


It’s got showing shortlisted … what u message got about?@suby


Riya can you please give me the brief for the whole process of CGI and how was the Apti and Interview and all as I am having a drive on 1st Oct and wht shuld be the priority like what questions were asked in apti mostly…

Please reply ASAP!


Aptitude is moderate and there will be one GD round and two technical rounds technical round questions will be based on your CV and then an Hr round. Its not too tough, moderate knowledge in your subject will help you through.


did u receive the confirmation mail from HR ?


which type Que in apptitute & GD & Technical round in CGI???