Compny call me based on my score or not?

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My Score are-
Verbal 56.30 score and 62.35 percentile
Problem Solving 30 score and 80.12 percentile
and Quant 30 score and 80.60 percentile.
total score = 116.30
what are the chances of getting calls?

Yes, companies do call on the basis of your score. Your score looks ok, you will get calls.

Academics also matters. Some have 70% cutoff in X, XII & B. Tech while some have 60%. You can check the eligibility criteria on the job post.

My academics are 63%
Diploma 75.50%
XII 52.33%
X 50.30%
its good for me if i attempt 1 more time elitmus for good PH score?
there is also a gap in education.

Yes Sumit.
You better write the pH test again and improve your performance mainly in verbal.
Make sure you have 85 % in all the three sections to get calls from most of the companies