College name not listed in accenture list of colleges

So can we not apply to accenture? is there any other way.

What’s your college…?
Some universities are also mention there. Check them also.

I am not getting ur sentence.
my college name list is not mentioned in the list . won’t I get call?

not able to understand ,., what does it mean ?

just apply and see,… if u r able to apply without any error, then you get the chances of call…

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My college name is not in the list …but I am able to apply it .and applied also… can I get call from accenture ?

no u wont be called. i too have the same problem and i was not shortlisted for the 7th jan drive despite having 140 marks

how to add college in accenture

where do i find the accenture college list

Check this topic.
The first link under Popular Links