Code challenge for elitmus full stack devolper?

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code challenge for elitmus full stack devolper ??

anyone experinced elitmus code chellenge??
ever did this
share your experinces

I have successfully attempted elit code challenge in Feb 16. There were two questions. One was adhoc and other one was of dp. Questions were easy to solve if u have practice. One more thing your web cam will monitor u during ur test.

Good luck !!!

on which concepts we have to concentrate ,can u tough me, programming level is easy,medium or hard???

It is almost certain that one ques will be of adhoc type. Some other imp topics are dp, knapsack, string based questions, sorting and searching. The difficulty level of questions is medium.

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questions will be based on common algos or proble mlike knapsack , nqueen etc

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all problems can be expect from these topics …?

can u give any online sources for adhoc programming problems ???

Hey, Please tell me the procedure to register for code challenge? The event is on March 4,
Thank you

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did u get any sources ??? pls let me also know

pls tell me what questions you were asked

while giving coding exam, how can i log in??, they will give new id or ellitmus id is ok to log in?

what is the process to log in??