CloudMagic call letter

Anyone got call letter for cloudmagic ?
What’s is the recruitment process and is aptitude round tough??

Yes i got the call

Whats your score?


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mine is just 146.25 any chance

Dont know brother mine was 262

What all topic they gonna ask and any tips if possible ??

My score is 172.5 but I have not received call letter.

They have mentioned that tomorrow they will be taking only aptitude test and interview will be on other date.

I think that cutoff score is 200 or so!!!

If you do not mind can you reveal your percentile in all the three sections

I have 178, and I have got the call.
I think verbal cut-off is 90+.

In quants:99.67%tile
PS: 84.6%tile

When will the test result be announced?

Results are not announced.
Only those who are selected, will be sent information for further rounds. Those not selected will not get anything regarding rejection.

All we can do is wait and see if someone gets a call or not.

It’s been a long time now. Anyone got any response from them about the results?

Their usual wait time is 2 weeks bro.
More waiting, we can’t do much.

i got the call from cloudmagic for 2018 freshers.i have to go to venue and give coding test on 18th march.if any of you has already given the coding test of cloudmagic previously ,kindly share the questions asked.