Cloudbyte written programming round

  1. What have you learnt till now about cloudbyte and open ebs?

  2. Reverse a string using pointers.

  3. Tower of hanoi algorithm.

  4. Print all the permutation of a given string.

  5. output:

int main(){
register int x = 0;
return 0;

  1. write a program to print random permutation of a given array.

  2. Binary tree operations all + traversal all.

  3. Linked list full implementation + display + reverse display.

  4. Check if a string is palindrome.

  5. Check if the given matrix is an identity.

  6. Find transpose of a matrix.

  7. Given a sum find all the subsets of an array which adds upto to it.

  8. Write C program on one or more of the given sorting algorithms

a) Insertion Sort
b) Radix Sort
c) Bucket Sort
d) Merge Sort
e) Heap Sort

  1. What is a static variable in C.

  2. Write your favourite algorithm and calculate its complexity.


Thats very nice of u that u shared ur experience. It is very helpful.