Anybody has any idea about the first round home coding test of cleartrip?what is the difficulty level ?

Did u get the call?


What is your score

pH score-166

My ph score is 108.8
Apti 85.56
Reasoning 75
English 52.2

What is the chance to getting call can u please tell me

The companies not just select on pH score but good academic record as well.If you have academics of 70+ and pH score 120+ ,your chances of getting calls increases.

Ya I have 60 + aggregate in academic

Since you have good reasoning and quant %ile .you’ll definitely get calls .prepare well for technical.
Good luck!

Thanks you
What is your % in all

Problem solving 91.9 ,verbal 55.98, quant 97.21 and 80+ throughout in academics

It is a product based company so the interview will be tough.
Product based do not spend much on training of a candidate. They expect freshers to have the knowledge like an experienced person. So the interview will go deep on the topics of your subjects, projects, etc.
Be prepared with Data Structures & Algorithm. I’m sure there will be one or more coding round(s).

I have not given the interview, just saying based on the interview experiences I read on various websites and forums

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:


When is the coding test that you have to give from home… ??

10th September

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hi , have u got the mail for coding test at home or any other location ?