Cleartrip take from home test

has anyone given the cleartrip first take from home test. I am having a problem regarding signing in as it is saying that i am not a registered user. Can anyone help me?

same here prerna… I was so eager for this cleartrip stuff.

any idea what should we do?
i have mailed them but got no response.

i think we should wait till 8 pm
if still we unable to login
then means test is postponed

I suggest waiting until 8 pm…thats all we can do…and ya, today the bolg will be filled all with this subject…All of us are facing same prob

yes thats all we can do.

are you opting from bangalore or elsewhere?

from delhi

i came across some posts wherein people were able to login. Again then they are reporting that theres no coding challenge even if able to bypass login page.

I am having the same login issues. What should we do?

they must come out with a sloution. I am really looking forward to this thing. :expressionless:

we can wait. Many of them are having the same problem.

cant login for cleartrip test apparently i am not registered.
i have replied to the elitmus coding challenge mail.
i also think that we should wait till 8.

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yeah… wait until 8 pm…we are jobseekers… anyone can mould us the way they want.

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i have just mailed to elitmus regarding this but they are saying if the query is not answered in help section for 4 working days then only they will reply it personally. So now all we can do is wait for someone to reply.

This is the only option we have. Let’s see.

thats autogenerated reply…

Cleartrip & Mubble are having the same take-from-home-coding-round . So most of the people arent logging in. And one the one’s who have logged, the dashboard is empty. Check the conversation of Mubble coding round.

Anyone of u get call from EXDATUM??

If anyone gets a solution or any sort of reply from the query mail…please do inform.

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