Cisco TAC - Results of the online test

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Are the results for the online test held on 17th October out?

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May i know on what topics the test was conducted?

C, dbms and networking

i have applied for tac engineer post scheduled on oct 31 2020, will i get notification to attend the exam ?

From where I can start preparation?

Your pH score?

For Cisco TAC?

I got mail for written test… Can you tell me syllabus and how many questions is their??


Same question, any one got results?


86% overall

86 % is that your Ph score

yes. Is it enough

Uttaran can u please tell me, when did u applied for TAC position and when was your test conducted

I applied on 16th October and gave test on 18th October got result on 29th October …gave interview on 31st October still waiting for results

How many rounds of interview were there for you

Only one round was there for me …idk whether there will be further round or not

What questions were asked and were you able to answer all of them?

if you have 75% plus score in all three sections , I think its enough