I want to bring in my issue of inability to attend the CISCO drive as our 7th semester exams are scheduled and I am from north india. I can’t attend the drive on 9 dec.Is there any way, CISCO having multiple drives after 9 dec drive so that I can attend it?

Cisco drive is for 2016 and 2017 batch only.
I don’t think you, being a 2018, would be eligible for this.

But there will be a lot of drives starting from December 23rd for 2018.

Are you sure?? I am currently in gurgaon. Should I relocate to bangalore for more elitmus opportunities?
i Am 2017 paased out

Relocating to Bangalore may be a good idea. Considering the interview calls are sent just a few days before the interview resulting in many candidates not being able to attend the drives.

I am also a 2017 passout and applied to all the upcoming drives, yet to receive a call.

most probably cisco will not hire until next year, this year the openings were quite low as well.
being 2018 graduate, you should try for an internship in north india and after graduation they will hire you as a full time employee.

If you are from CS/IT background , you will surely get opportunity in delhi/NCR.

But as he said, bangalore has more opportunities as compare to Delhi.

PS: if am also from delhi, but a non-CS background is why i am not relocating to bangalore, as most the jobs is related to coding stuff.